Monday, October 4, 2010

The Secret to a Great Career

If you're happy doing something without pay, simply because you like doing it, how much happier would you get if you're getting paid to do what you want?

You think salary makes you happy? Click on the image above and think again.
Photo Credit: 'Juhan's 2008 Career Graph' by Juhan Sunin

Does what you spend most of your waking hours on complement with what you dream about most of your non-sleeping hours? Misalignment in your career or business is like a volcano waiting to erupt. It's just a matter of time.

A young civil engineer made his Dad cry one day. The civil engineer left the profession to become a priest. A spiritual vocation had always been what the son wanted.

A science researcher left his prestigious employment to become a police officer. Many felt that career move was a waste of talent. But the guy could not be happier.

A homemaker for 20 years all of a sudden found herself the owner of a rising chain of fine dining restaurants. An 80-year old woman went back to school to get the degree she had always wanted. A surgeon could never be happier being a mechanic for vintage cars.

All these are happy stories. All these are true stories.

Fact is, we deal with dreams and careers all the time. Those who are quick to sense any misalignment AND act on it end up among the happiest people in their respective careers.

Do you feel like your job is like a burden you "have to" carry everyday?

Reading on may help. Let me illustrate.

How do you know if there's an alignment or misalignment in your business or career? The quick answer is, if you "see" yourself happy in your job or business in the next five to ten years, then most likely there is alignment.

One test of "happiness" in one's job or business is this: if income stops for a year (and you only have enough for survival, of course), would you still be happy doing this job or business? This question, to me, is the acid test of alignment.

Look: if you're happy doing something without pay, simply because you like doing it (playing basketball, for example; or perhaps talking in front of people), how much happier would you get if you're going to get handsomely paid for doing what you want?

There are people who say, "Oh, that's too good to be true!"


What if you can make it true in you own life? What if you can join the ranks of people who are getting paid for doing what they want? How would life look like by then?

You would be amazed how answering these questions can get you started really quick:
  • What do you really want?
  • What are the values that you get out of it?
  • How much are you willing to do to get to what you want?
Live life in bliss!

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