Monday, February 15, 2010

Who Else Wants to Get Rid of Prejudices?

It felt like I was caught with my pants down. I was in the seminar room with around 50 other people. The instructor told everyone a story then quizzed me.

Martin Luther King did it for the African Americans. You can certainly do it for yourself, regardless of the color of your skin. Say, "Today, I stop judging myself by my skin but by the strength of my character."
Photo Credit: "I Have a Dream" by Tony

The story went roughly this way. Father and son went on a drive and met a terrible accident. An ambulance quickly brought them to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. The resident doctor rushed to the surgeon saying, "Doctor, the son has to be operated immediately or he would die."

The surgeon ran to the emergency room but froze in front of the operating table. He told the nurses, "Sorry, I can't operate him. He's my son."

Who was the surgeon?

Monday, February 1, 2010

What Do You Really Want?

Successful people spend more time and energy on what they want and barely on what they can't. Conversely, the rest do the opposite.

To dream is to answer the question, "What do I really want?"
Photo credit: "Dream Fairy" by Alexandria LaNier

You want to be successful? Dream again. Ignore the worm inside you that sighs, "You ask, 'What do I really want?' What has that got to do with anything?"

Here are three thoughts to empower yourself to dream once again...

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