Monday, May 17, 2010

The Exotic Animal Story

This story jolted me. I didn't know what hit me. But it launched me into a search for my own direction faster than the other motivational speeches I've heard.

Photo Credit: 'Born to be free' by Catalina Olavarria

Here's the story.

John, a well-to-do adventurer, maintained a personal zoo as his personal passion. The zoo contained all the exotic animals a wild adventurer could ever wish for. Only select friends could come and appreciate these animals with him.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Here Are Two Quick Ways to Move Forward

Stuck? Can't move forward? There's a kingpin in your life right now that you need to move and the rest follow.

Tell yourself, "What have I been thinking? This clown can't hurt me! I'm calling this person now."
Photo Credit: 'The Cook and the Clown' by Yersinia

Among the many options available, there's one that unclogs everything, if not at least a few major things and gets you moving once again. It's called the kingpin. Be a master in finding the kingpin and you master the art of keeping things in motion.

There are two good areas to start looking: your fears and your tolerations.

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