Monday, August 17, 2009

The Truth About Blaming

Blaming is easy and sweet. Taking responsibility requires a bit more effort. But blaming puts the power over your life and happiness to another person, or something, or an event. Is that really what you want?

What does this poster mean?
"Responsibility" by PaDumBumPsh

I can see you breathing heavily, heart pumping, and feeling so sure that it has not been your fault -- it is most definitely his or her fault. Therefore, that person must take the consequence. I respect that and I have no intention of changing that.

Let me elaborate ...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Setting Life Goals: Breaking Free From the "Rope" That Puts You in Place

It could just have tugged the rope and broken itself free. But the big elephant won’t. Its large size is no match to the power of its own mental program that shouts, "F O R G E T     I T !"

There's a lesson for us in the way circus organizers tame the elephants.
Untitled photo by Dave Malkoff

This is what happens when we live life and encounter obstacles most of the time. This feeling manifests when you see something that really catches you --- a health regimen, or a potential partner, or a mansion, or a car, or a cruise ... you name it. You feel like you want it so badly, but then you feel cold water all over you as you feel the "rope." You say, "Forget it!"

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