Monday, June 21, 2010

The Art of Dealing With Change

Change. Sometimes we want it. Sometimes we hate it. Either way, we deal with it or we get ran over by it.

Sometimes we embrace change like we embrace seasons. Some changes we ignore and some we resist. Then there are changes that we lead.
Photo Credit: "Like lightning, but different..." by Evan Leeson

Your job description just changed. Your now work with a new team. Moreover, you would now be based in another state, so you would be changing your address. How would you tell all these to your wife?

Your wife resigned from her job to stay with you. You would have to live on one income for a while. Oh, the kids would have to move to a new local school. How do you explain these to your boy who just met his first girlfriend?

Change, change, change. It doesn't stop.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Beware: The Greatest Obstacle to a Great Life ... is a Good Life

Most of us think that the greatest obstacle to a great life is a terrible life. Nope! The greatest obstacle is the good life.

The difference between working comfortably and working at being comfortable is in the result.
Photo Credit: 'Motivational Poster' by slworking2

Mountain climbers know that fact very well. Here's a story.

In two days, they would be at the peak. In the middle of the trail was a log cabin where they could rest and prepare for the final leg of their climb. In that log cabin was a fireplace, a bunch food and drinks, and a piano.

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