Monday, October 19, 2009

The Real Truth About Your Ability to Deal With Depression

Depression is more like the stage of moaning after a fall. Have you ever fallen after tripping on a rock? You stay a few moments down there and moan, right? After all, your foot really hurts.

"Where is my mind?" by Jennifer Konig

But you do rise up and walk again, right? How did you do it? You just do it, right?

I see you. There's no denying the pain that has caused your depression --- due possibly to the loss of loved one, loss of job, loss of an important client, project failure, embarrassment for whatever reason. You feel you're alone and you simply shriek in pain.

This is usually the time that you overlook the strength you don't know you have. Let me elaborate.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Secret of Maintaining the Fire of Love in Relationships

Maintaining the Fire of Love in love relationships is no longer as difficult as it used to.

"Hey Mister! Which way is it to _____? Do we turn left? or right?" Have you asked this question along the road lately? It's normal to get lost from time to time. We just need to know how to get back on track.

We ask for directions about almost everything. But in asking directions in love relationships, we need to agree first on how to name the streets.
Photo Credit: 'Everywhere but here?' by Will Ockenden

Studies show that women, typically, don't have trouble asking for directions. Most men don't ask for directions, thinking, "My map is enough!" or "This manual is enough!" A map is important in everything, including love relationships.

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