Monday, October 19, 2009

The Real Truth About Your Ability to Deal With Depression

Depression is more like the stage of moaning after a fall. Have you ever fallen after tripping on a rock? You stay a few moments down there and moan, right? After all, your foot really hurts.

"Where is my mind?" by Jennifer Konig

But you do rise up and walk again, right? How did you do it? You just do it, right?

I see you. There's no denying the pain that has caused your depression --- due possibly to the loss of loved one, loss of job, loss of an important client, project failure, embarrassment for whatever reason. You feel you're alone and you simply shriek in pain.

This is usually the time that you overlook the strength you don't know you have. Let me elaborate.

Just like the physical fall, you rise up and walk again. This is for sure, though maybe at this time you don't know how and when.

Getting over a depression is a choice, an act of will, much like one's subconscious decision to stand up and walk after falling over as a child learning to walk. But there usually is a process, with no short-cut.

A little child does not question himself or herself why he or she can't walk. He or she just strives to stand up and make his or her first step.

Everytime a child falls, he or she does not spend hours analyzing what just happened. The child simply acknowledges that something did not work and musters the energy needed to try again.

Picture the child in your mind right now -- see the color of the floor, feel its texture, feel the temperature in the living room, smell the pancake in the kitchen, hear the barking of the neighbor's dog, and taste the orange juice as you sipped it to taste while you watch the child.

You see the child attempt to stand up. Then you see the child fall. You see the eyes of the child as he fell and you saw fright. Then you know that the child has fully experienced the fall.

You see the child pause for a very brief moment. The child acknowledges something has not worked out. He looks at you and smiles. You know that the child has gotten over it.

Then you see the face of the child as he musters the energy to try again. He tries to stand up, succeeds momentarily, and then falls.

The cycle repeats until the child succeeds.

You've been a child before, right? Picture yourself now as that very child you've just seen in your mind's eye. At what stage in your depression are you in?

You know what it takes to get up and walk. It's written in your subconscious. Just do it.

Live a prosperous life.

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