Monday, March 7, 2011

Five Tips to Avoid Relationship Disasters

You can build good romantic relationships or play around. That's your choice. But the Law of Cause and Effect still holds. If you want a solid relationship with your significant other, what "cause" needs to happen to get the desired "effect"?

"Crossed Fingers" by Katie Tegtmeyer

At this writing, I am in my 9th year of happy marriage with two lovely and charming kids. Prior to this relationship, I've been a total loser in courtship.

I haven't exactly been to the rocks of depression (just close to it), but I must admit to having exerted real effort in finding the formula for courtship and relationship that would greatly increase my chances of ending up happily married with kids who can relate well with me. That's what a long losing streak in courtship can do to a man.

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