Monday, June 7, 2010

Beware: The Greatest Obstacle to a Great Life ... is a Good Life

Most of us think that the greatest obstacle to a great life is a terrible life. Nope! The greatest obstacle is the good life.

The difference between working comfortably and working at being comfortable is in the result.
Photo Credit: 'Motivational Poster' by slworking2

Mountain climbers know that fact very well. Here's a story.

In two days, they would be at the peak. In the middle of the trail was a log cabin where they could rest and prepare for the final leg of their climb. In that log cabin was a fireplace, a bunch food and drinks, and a piano.

In the morning after a restful night, half of the mountain climbing team decided to stay in the log cabin. This group sang songs with the piano and played poker as they waited for their companions to come back.

The next day however, those who remained behind were outside the cabin. They were watching the other team slowly go  up the mountain. The delight of being in the cabin wore off quickly. All of a sudden they all felt like they were missing something.

When the whole group went down, it was clear who proceeded with the climb. They were excited and talkative.

The other group was silent. Of course, you know why, don't you?

In which group would you rather be?

There is great discomfort in going out of the comfortable log cabin and going on with the climb. Half of the climbing team fell prey to that.

Result? The group who remained went home much less proud of themselves. You don't want that kind of feeling, do you?

So, do a reality check ...
  • How far are you from your goal?
  • Are you speeding up? or slowing down?
  • What accounts for your pace right now?

Ten Tough Questions To Ask When the Going Gets Tough

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