Monday, May 3, 2010

Here Are Two Quick Ways to Move Forward

Stuck? Can't move forward? There's a kingpin in your life right now that you need to move and the rest follow.

Tell yourself, "What have I been thinking? This clown can't hurt me! I'm calling this person now."
Photo Credit: 'The Cook and the Clown' by Yersinia

Among the many options available, there's one that unclogs everything, if not at least a few major things and gets you moving once again. It's called the kingpin. Be a master in finding the kingpin and you master the art of keeping things in motion.

There are two good areas to start looking: your fears and your tolerations.

Let me elaborate.


Everyone has fears. Gurus tell you that in reality, fear is an abbreviation for false expectations appearing real. Have you heard of this before?

In large part, fear is like that. You'll find a great sense of comfort with the knowledge of fear as possibly something not worth getting too stuck into.

But in the same breath, be forewarned that fear is a real emotion. It is a powerful emotion. It sucks energy out of you. The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you move.

So, what is your worst fear at the moment. Take a digital snapshot of it in your mind and then look at in as you would look at a photo in a photo editor.

Try different color themes on it - sepia, washout, accent colors. What if you change its color to polka dots? How would it look if you tie a ribbon around it? How does it look now?

Then gently tell yourself, "What have I been thinking? This clown can't hurt me! I'm calling this person now." Then pick up that phone and dial that person. He would sense something different about you but by then you're too thrilled to care.


Unlike fear -- which is something you usually avoid -- tolerations are things you usually ignore. You ignore them because they are usually inconsequential.

Take the bunch of old clothes hanging in your closet for example. The last time you have worn two or three of them was five years ago. You have wanted to give it to charity but have never gotten around to do it. Now there are ten of them you want to give away.

Another example is the bad breath of one of your staff. He's a nice and charming guy, except for this breath. You have wanted to talk to him about this but have never gotten around to do it because the next meeting, or task, or call is always much more important.

You see, tolerations are things that annoy you, but are never big enough to kill you. They're more like flies. They're small, but they make you feel uncomfortable and they slow you down.

One fly isn't big enough to mess up your day. Now imagine if there are ten of them. Bad picture, isn't it? Do something.

Here's how: List down your tolerations and commit to fixing one a day. Start with the first one, now.

Got it? Now get moving :)

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