Monday, April 19, 2010

Greatest "Fake it 'til you make it" Tips of All Time

Some people in history have abused it. Now most of us think it's faking, or outright lunacy. But the few who understand the power of visualization to pursue that which is good are the ones who get things done and achieve their dreams today. Don't you want to be one of these privileged few?

People dream of money, yet they feel a bit at a loss when asked, "What do you plan to buy or have with that money?"
Photo Credit: "$20,000" by Johnny Vulkan 

1. Drop your questions about the power of visualization and just embrace it

No one has an explanation about the power of visualization and to most people that is enough proof that this thing is lunacy. Well, there's no explanation for gravity either. I mean, scientists have measured gravity and studied its behavior; but do they have an anatomy of gravity? Can the scientists recreate it?

It isn't just gravity. Here's one more ...

There's another phenomenon closer to the hearts of martial artists - the thing called the 'Ki.' Martial artists work with the 'Ki' all the time. They know it's there. They likewise know that it's disastrous not work in harmony with the 'Ki.'

Yet what is 'Ki' really? Sensei would simply tell you that Ki is energy, or the center of your being. Ok, so, what is it?

Whether it's the gravity or the Ki, recognizing it and working in harmony with it are more productive things to do than to attempt to explain it. In today's generation, where we seem to have an explanation and solution for everything, that's a bit difficult to accept.

You can try walking from the tip of the first tower of Petronas to the tip of its twin right next to it -- without passing through the bridge. In the middle of your journey, see if you find explaining gravity more important than observing it.

2. Appreciate the fact that what we see now are what our elders have visualized

A young man was showing an elderly the wonders of the high tech gadgets he was holding. Then he wrapped up his pitch by saying, "You didn't have any of these things during your time, did you?"

The elderly said, "Yes, my son. We didn't have any of these. It was why our generation created them."

There was another story I've heard about Walt Disney. Years after he died, someone said in the new Disneyland, "I wish Walt Disney lived to see all these things." Someone wisely replied, "He already saw these things, long before we did."

3. Visualize your future as you want the next generation to see it

Imagine someone in the future saying, "I wish {your name} lived to see all these things." Would you want someone to reply, "{Your name} already saw these things, long before we did."

If so, what are these things?

They could be material things. They could be non-material things. What's most important is, you want them and you constantly visualize it happening.

Get pictures of these things and put them in your vision board.

4. Inject feeling into your vision

This is the part where people think you're a lunatic. But look and feel past their remarks because you have no use for those remarks.

What you do is close your eyes, tell your mind gently to keep quiet, and then, just be. Do not resist the environment around you. Just be.

Then in the middle of this silent state, see in your mind's eye that which you desire, say a brand new car. Then ... let your five senses participate in the experience.

Let me elaborate ...

a. See it with your eyes ... what are the colors? what's the shape? what are the markings on the car?

b. Touch it with your skin ... how does the texture of the car body feel? How does its leather seats feel? How does the steering wheel feel? How does the vibration of the car feel as you start the engine?

c. Smell it with your nose ... how does the brand new car smell when you open the door? how does the air smell as you drive with your car around the city or the country?

d. Taste it with your tongue ... what are you chewing as you drive? how does it taste? sweet? sour? salty?

e. Hear it with your ears ... how does the engine sound? Smooth? Loud? As you step on the accelerator, what do you hear?

5. Be ready for its coming ...

Among all the seemingly lunatic things you in visualization, this is the part where your conviction gets tested.

You dream of a car? Have the garage ready. Go to car dealerships and test drive the car you want. Start buying bumper stickers.

You dream of money? Start making a list of things to do with your first million. Contact banks. Contact investment houses.

You dream of traveling around the world? Start contacting travel agencies and know their rates. Start reading about the places you want to visit.

Get the picture?

Now go and visualize the things you want.

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