Friday, May 1, 2009

Your Online Life Coach Invites you to Your Perfect Day

Your online life coach invites you to review or create your Perfect Day today.

Do you happen to already have a description of how your Perfect Day looks like? If so, how often do you "daydream" about your Perfect Day? How detailed is it in your mind? Have you written the description down? If so, wow, you're way ahead over more than 95% of the people. Still, let's go over it today.

See that great smile? Lovely, isn't it? Infectious too, right? Imagine smiling like that and being surrounded by smiles like that. Perfect Day! (Photo Credit: "LeeshAyss" by Andres Rodriguez)

Hey, you don't have an idea how your Perfect Day looks like? That's fine. Most people are in this area. They don't have an idea simply because, they haven't thought about it! No problem! If so, just continue reading on.

"What is Marvin talking about? Why would I even bother to think about the Perfect Day? It doesn't happen anyway!" That may be the voice in your mind right now. But having gotten this far, something inside you yearns for answers. If so, please choose to suspend your judgment of the Perfect Day just until the end of this post and read on. You can make use of a few surprise today, can't you?

At this point, I have no justification for writing about your Perfect Day today except that...


If you find that silly, just pause for a moment and consider: isn't "feeling good" what motivates us? I mean, really. Psychologists say there are two primary sources of motivation: the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

It's not bad at all to spend a few moments--totally free of charge--to feel good, right? When you feel good, everyone around you feels good. When everyone around you feels good, then life feels good! You've got your perfect day!

Get the picture?

When was the last time you sat beside someone with whom you felt so good during and long afterwards?

When was the last time someone said that about you?

So, how does your perfect day look like like?

Get all time and money considerations aside, and just imagine that everything is going perfectly the way you want it. You have time. You have money. The rest is up to you. Now, I invite you to get a pen and a paper and write down your answers to the following:

What time do you wake up on your Perfect Day? What do you do upon waking up?

How big is the bed? What is it made of? Who's with you in the bed? How does this person look like? How does the voice of this person sound like?

What house are you in? Where? How big is the house? How do the walls look like? How does the neighborhood look and feel like? What sounds do you hear? What sights do you see from your window?

What do you have for breakfast? How does the breakfast table look like?

What do you do in the morning? What places do you go to? What sort of people do you meet?

Do you have a car? What's its brand? What it's color? How does the engine sound like? How does the inside of the car smell like?

What do you have for lunch? Where?

What do you do in the afternoon?

What do you have for dinner? Where? With whom?

What do you do before sleeping? What thoughts do you have in your mind before sleeping?

Was that a perfect day?

Cool exercise, isn't it? Again, I invite you to really write on a paper your answers to the questions and add more details if you wish.

Then, instead of saying, "so what?" Why not ask, "Why not?" Read your answers again and capture the feelings that go with each description. Does it feel good? Let the feeling stay. Keep it. That's absolutely yours.

May you live your perfect day!

May you live a great and fulfilling life!

P.S. #1. I acknowledge Frank Kern for the word Perfect Day. His exercise is vastly similar to the Screen of the Mind in PSI, the Dream Listing exercise of Network 21, etc. Generically, it's called visualization, a very powerful mental and emotional tool. The way Frank Kern packaged it seems to make the most relatable to me. I saw him on a video shared by Anton Diaz of and what he said tally perfectly with what I have learned from many gurus: Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins, masters in The Secret DVD, the PSI seminars I attend to, the books I read from various authors, etc. Most notable of them all is Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich."

P.S. #2. Therapy, counseling and many other specialized clinical professions are about avoidance of pain: cure of addiction, changing destructive behavior, etc. Coaching is about pursuit of pleasure: establishing a healthy lifestyle, developing productive behavior at home and in business, etc. Coaching presumes that you have a absolutely capable mind and body. All you need is some assistance on how to get to the movie house, or to the gold mine, whichever. Coaches will not get you there, but they can help you get there.

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