Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emotional Vampires are Real Vampires, Beware!

Vampires, as we know, them may by mythical, but BEWARE . . . emotional vampires are real! They are as vicious and as deadly as the "manananggals" of the Philippines or the vampires of the West.

Manananggal in Philippine Folklore, the closest there is to Vampires in the West. Mananggals suck blood of babies in mothers' wombs.
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

What's the first picture that appears in your mind with the word "vampire"? Most likely you're seeing fangs, pale faced humans with blood dripping from their mouths. Yes, western vampires are indeed blood suckers.

In the Philippines, the picture is even more freightening. Vampires in these islands are half-bodied ugly women with wings like that of bats and entrails hanging from beneath their abdomen as they fly. They prey on pregnant, on babies inside pregnant women! How horrific can this get?

Some people appear to be simply like that to other people. They suck the blood, life and joy out of you. They leave you either angry, intimidated, humiliated or in any other emotional state outside of being happy with yourself.

The sooner you can identify these vampires, the sooner you can deal with them. Swat them out like you would a blood-sucking mosquito.

But first, where do these vampires lurk? Let's check out the different areas of your life.


What are your values or non-negotiables as a person? That may be Godliness, friendship, loyalty, integrity or the like. Whatever that may be, are your values aligned with the career you have right now? How do you rate the alignment today in a scale of 1 to 10? Let 1 be like "it sucks" and 10 being "hahaha, can't get any better."


How much money do you really want to have in your bank? Then, how much money is there in the bank? Are you happy with what you've got? What will help you get the money you want? Is that in motion? Rate your satisfaction in the scale of 10.


Are you able to physically move around as much as you want? Is your body free of any acquired or lifestyle disease? Are you eating the right kinds of food, sleep well and having regular medical check ups? Rate your physical health in the scale of 1 to 10.


Do your friends and family give you encouragement? or a pain in the neck? Do they torture you with nagging words or cold treatments? or do they shower you with affirmations? Again, rate your satisfaction in this area in the scale of 1 to 10.


Are you in a romantic relationship because you SHOULD? Or are you in it because you TRULY LOVE the person? Does the person you love speak your love language? Rate your romantic satisfaction in the scale of 1 to 10.


Are you growing as a person? Do you capitalize on your strengths? or do you wallow in your weaknesses? Are you developing habits that build you? or do you immerse in vices that destroy? What's your score in this area?


When was the last time you had fun? in a party? on a drive around town or the provinces? watched a movie? did something really laughable and memorable? Score yourself from 1 to 10.


How does the physical space you occupy or visit most often everyday look like? your bed? your closet? your comfort room? Whatever that may be, does it look good? Does it feel cozy? How do your score yourself?


Now, what area scores the least? That's your emotional vampire. That's what sucks the life out of you at the moment.

Awareness is power. Now that you know, you can do something about it.

May you live a great and fulfilling life!

P.S. Do you care for your friends? Let them read this post as soon as possible.

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