Monday, November 16, 2009

The 10 Mind-Opening Questions About Men and Women

While men and women are two equal sides of the same species called Homo sapiens, there are differences in their biology and psyche that play a large part in their daily interaction. Creating an inventory of how much you know about these differences is a good start towards greater understanding of one of the true wonders of life: the gender.

The world is replete with information about the differences between men and women ... how much of these have you absorbed and used?

As your online coach, let me help you juggle your mind ...

Given your knowledge and experience . . .

1. What are the top five similarities between males and females?
2. What are the top five differences between males and females?
3. What the strengths of males in general?
4. What are the strengths of females in general?
5. What's the one thing that males want from a relationship?
6. What's the one thing that females want from a relationship?

Getting a bit more personal this time...

7. Which of the questions above have you asked the most in your life?
8. When was the last time you validated your answers to the question?

Now, this is really getting up close and personal . . .

9. After Question #7 above ... why?
10. After Question #8 above ... why?

It would be more interesting to write your answers to the above questions and then challenge yourself to a quest in the next 100 days to validate your answers.

Starting with YouTube is good enough. The video in this post is a good starting point. There are more out there.

Then, if you're really serious, you might want to consider buying the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray. If you do, you may want to make it a reference hidden somewhere in your drawers. Store it with a pen and a highlighter and don't hesitate to mark the pages and write notes on them.

That's what I do with my books.

That's what my wife does, too.

My wife and I invested in books about relationships, even before we got married. This was in recognition of the fact early in our relationship that romance and marriage need to be built. It's not something on a silver platter nor the last page in a fairy tale that says, "and they live happily ever after."

One of the most precious lessons we got from Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is that in a relationship:
  • men want respect more than affection
  • women want affection more than respect

That understanding had profound implications:
  • To be worthy of my wife's respect, I had to learn to be affectionate even at times when I feel like my wife doesn't deserve it
  • To be worthy of my affection, my wife learned to respect even my most stupid decisions

This lesson alone has saved us from the friction that tore the relationship of couples who are close to our hearts ... and it's just one lesson. We gathered more lessons than just that.

I shared what we learned to state only one point: It's worth the effort. It may even be life-saving.

Go ahead and live a prosperous life!

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