Monday, November 8, 2010

You Don't Have to Be Born Rich to Be Rich

Committing to a money plan is committing yourself to a medium- to long-term relationship. For real money to sleep with you, some kind of courtship needs to happen.

Our attitude towards money dictates how much of it would want to stay and sleep in our home.
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Let's go through a little coaching session, would that work with you? I'm your online coach, a friend. You can be honest with me without having to feel jittery.

Here's my question:
Do you avoid discussion about money?

As I said, you can be absolutely honest with me. I'm completely harmless.

Next question:
What emotions arise when you think about money? I mean, is it happiness? frustration? anger?

Come on, feel the emotion in your blood right now and just let it flow. There's just you and me here. Nobody would ever know you've been here.

Next question:
What images do you see when you hear the word "money"? What voices do you hear? Are they pleasant? or not?

Last question:
If money was a little child, would it be running towards you now? or away from you? Why?

You may be surprised by the line of thought that I'm presenting here. But really, what is money? Why is there so much emotion involved in discussion about money?

To be quite simple: it's because the amount of money you have dictates the array of options available to you. When money is scarce, your options are limited. When money is abundant, your options are wider.

While you want money to be abundant in your life, you may not be succeeding . . . yet. You think you're having a hard time while others seem to have a good time making and spending money that you can only dream of. Worse, you feel that someone else decides whether or not you continue receiving money tomorrow.

Those are why there's so much emotion attached to money.

But what is money, really? It is a medium of exchange, nothing more, nothing less. It is a piece of paper, or rather, pieces of paper and some coins. It's the number on them that is of most interest to you.

How much money do you have in your bank account right now? How much would you prefer that amount to be? What is your plan in between?

For reading this post up to this point, let me convey my sincerest Congratulations. This means you have what it takes to make your money goal come true.

The questions I have thrown earlier can frighten some people. But having reached this point, this means you've gone through them with courage.

There are a lot of options available for you in creating your money plan. I do not have the expertise to help you in most of them.

But, the emotional component of carrying out those plans is the landmine for most of us. Making money requires constant change in perspective. Addiction to regular salary, for instance, is a major pitfall to most. They could not see themselves *not* receiving anything at the end of the month, for x number of months.

Having a money plan and sticking to that plan can be like riding on a roller coaster. Relying on your own instinct and unstrapping yourself from the harness would throw you out of the car in a wink. You need to trust the process. This requires emotional preparation.

Robert Kiyosaki's books and board games have helped a lot of people in their journey. The Cashflow 101 Board Game has been a great eye opener. Immersing myself in them helped me re-tune my emotional responses towards money.

The people you hang out with is also something you need to review. You see, you bond with people because of a common mental and emotional frequency. When you start tuning in more to money, you may need to spend more time with different circles.

A seminar instructor shocked a lot of his participants when he asked each one to write down the names of five people with whom they are in contact with the most in the last 12 months. Then he asked the participants to estimate the average monthly income of those people.

The instructor said, that average number is most likely your income today. If that's not the case yet, then it's most likely gonna be in the next few months. A lot of participants nodded in agreement. That made me think really very seriously.

Attending seminars is a great opportunity not just to learn but also to connect with people who are in the same journey as you have.

Congratulations for reading up to this point. I'll be writing more about making money in future posts.

Stay tuned.

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