Monday, April 5, 2010

If You Don't Pick the Right Vehicle, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Just know where you are and where you're going, then take the right vehicle. Soon, you'll get there.

Habits are a vehicle to a destination. They are where the "rubber hits the road" so to speak.
Photo Credit: Ferrari 355 F1 GTS by Gerrit's in Motion

A Ferrari is a great car. I still have to meet anyone who doesn't want a Ferrari. It is sex appeal and performance rolled neatly into one.

Imagine the great smell of its interiors, your hands gripping the steering wheel and the sound of its engine as you breeze past everything with style. But then somewhere along the west coast of America you would stare at the horizon and helplessly exclaim, "This beautiful thing can't bring me to Hawaii!"

That was actually a version of what I heard from former comedian Andy Andrews many many many years ago. I laughed so loudly at his illustration such that I could not forget him.

But isn't that true?

You dream of becoming a Grand Slam champion, and yet you enrolled in courses on golf. Crazy you might say. But people do that by dreaming about becoming the richest, the greatest and the most beautiful and maintaining habits that bring them elsewhere.

A friend gained weight while being enrolled in a gym. While at the treadmill, he and his friends talked about how great the chicken tasted here and how yummy the steak tasted there. After working out, they went straight to the hot restaurant and eat to their heart's content.

Habits are a vehicle to a destination. They are where the "rubber hits the road" so to speak. They're the ultimate measure of one's determination to get to where you want to be.

What have you been doing in the last 24 hours? Which of them has brought you one step closer to your dream?

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