Monday, September 6, 2010

Here's a Quick Way to Develop an Abundance Mindset - Give Back!

It is an innate nature of the human being to give unconditionally. It manifests itself forcefully when there's a perception of abundance. When one gives back, one is affirming the presence of abundance.

Photo Credit: "Abundance" by Kathy Mackey

When you give back, you receive from the universe even more of what you need. Incidentally, this principle seems to work only when you giving back freely and unconditionally. It shies away when you give because you want to receive.

How does that happen? I personally have no idea why that is, but I guess this is all about abundance viz-a-vis scarcity mindset. When you give because you want to receive, isn't that scarcity thinking? When you give for its own sake, that's abundance thinking.

Abundance thinking attracts greater abundance.

But that's not even the best benefit of giving back. The other benefit is inner joy, or inner peace. Knowing that you have added value to someone's life -- anonymously -- makes you feel good inside.

When one feels good, one attracts more goodness.

Gurus call this the Law of Attraction. Have you seen the movie called, "The Secret?" If you have, then you know what I'm talking about. To the rest, this Law simply states that what one is, is what one attracts.

That can be beautiful. That can also be scary. That depends on the frame of mind you have right now -- is it a mindset of abundance? or scarcity?

There's no science behind this. Only empirical observations. The best way to find out is to prove it right, or to prove it wrong in your life.

How do you prove it?

Here are some ideas: give a portion of your income as tithes to your local church or give a portion of your income to charity. Do it heartily and cheerfully, asking for no return from the recipient.

You may go ahead and do that, then tell us your story.

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